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Mother’s Day Free Books on Sunday and Monday (5/10 to 5/11/15)!

Written By: Books R Fun - May• 10•15
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Two books from the series of The Adventures of Danny Hoopenbiller (a thrilling tale of a science genius) are free for download on Amazon this Sunday to Monday (5/10 to 5/11/2015) by clicking the book links below.

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Sherwood Core Values Art Collection from SHS Art Festival 2015! (Many photos!)

Written By: David T. Lee - May• 09•15

Hello folks!

On Thursday, May 7th, I attended the Shrewsbury High School Art Festival! The star of the show was an exciting panel painting project! Sherwood Middle School collaborated with the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury and the National Art Honor Society to make a series of panels based on Sherwood’s core values (Caring, Responsibility, Perseverance, Honesty, Tolerance, Respect, Cooperation, Courage, Gratitude and Generosity)! The panel artists, respectively, are Pamela Haynes (AGS artist), Danielle DiNoia (SHS student), Rebecca Schwartz (SHS student), Melissa Maglio (AGS artist), Mary Dunn (AGS artist), Morjane Hmaidi (SHS student), Patricia Erickson (AGS artist), Mark and Joanne Tonelli (AGS artists), Robert Wilson (AGS director) and Mary Ellen Racine (AGS artist).

The panels were derived from the winners of a contest for panel design ideas based on the ten core values! My design wasn’t selected, but a lot of my schoolmates’ (including Oji Anderson, Harlen McNeil and Holly Hruskoci) submissions were used in some panels!

Here is the project description of the Core Value Art Collection:

“Each panel represents one of Sherwood’s ten core values. During Spring 2014, 5th and 6th graders at SMS submitted art designs depicting each of the core values. The collection was completed in the Spring of 2015. The Artists Guild of Shrewsbury and National Art Honor Society students created art panels for the Sherwood Middle School Community incorporating different aspects of the students’ work. The final collection represents the collaboration process involving students and community artists. Sherwood will treasure this gift for many generations of students and families to come.”

Besides the Core Values Art Collection, I had a wonderful time looking at all the artwork from the SHS Art Festival! During the SHS Visual Arts Department’s Awards Ceremony, many students were recognized. This year’s awards included Boston Globe Scholastic Art Awards, Excellence in Artistic Achievement, Rhode Island School of Design Book Award and Annie’s Angels Scholarship. At the end, we watched a video showcasing SHS student artists and their artworks. It was very entertaining!

The formal opening reception of this wonderful art collection will take place on June 2nd (Tuesday) at Sherwood Middle School. The event will be open to the public. Come if you can: Channel 5 may be there!

Here are photos of the panels:

Core Value Art Collection (Carol Virzi, David T. Lee)

Core Value Art Collection (Carol Virzi, David T. Lee)

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These are pictures of the high school students’ artwork:

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Have a great Mother’s Day celebration this weekend!

I competed in my first math contest at St. John’s High School!

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 29•15


I went to my first ever math contest! It was called the St. John’s High School’s Spring Math Invitational. I was both excited and nervous! I was one of the 9 students from my school who were invited to join the other 340+ students in the competition! All the students were from middle schools in the surrounding school districts. My team consisted of two 6th graders (including me) and one 7th grader.

There were three individual contest sections (Algebra, Arithmetic and Geometry) and each student needed to finish two of the three sections. After an introduction from St. John’s High School assistant principal John Morse, the contest began. All the students participating in the Algebra section went into the humongous school cafeteria.

I participated in the Arithmetic and Geometry sections. Each section was 10 minutes long and contained 3 challenging questions with increasing difficulties. Considering that I was one of the youngest kids in the contest, I found some of the problems very difficult. After the individual sections, there was a team round.

The team contest had 8 questions to answer in 10 minutes. The problems ranged from simple algebra to outrageously mind-boggling diameter problems. My team collaborated wonderfully and answered most of the questions.

At the end, R.J. Grey Junior High School won this year’s contest with a perfect score (a record never achieved since the contest started 19 years ago), Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School secured 2nd place and St. Mary School earned 3rd place.

Even though I didn’t achieve outstanding results in the contest, it was a very good experience for me. I also met some contestants from other schools over the refreshment break.

I would like to thank St. John’s High School for coordinating this event. I hope the school will keep this annual math event for many years to come.

Here are some photos:

St. John's High School Spring Math Invitational 2015

St. John’s High School Spring Math Invitational 2015


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Floral Literacy Night 2015 was a Rockin’ Suprise-filled Success!

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 11•15

Hello friends!

I had a successful Literacy Night book exhibition on Friday! A big part of it was the raffle for my third book Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs. During the 3 hours event, many families visited my table and 38 of them participated in the raffle!

The five winners (randomly chosen by Floral Street School’s principal, Lisa McCubrey) were: Sabrina Welch, Ryan McTigue, Sameer Naik, Katherine Kim, and Aditya Deshpande. Winners will receive their books from the school’s administrative office sometime next week. All participants will become subscribers to my blog.

The young children who visited my table were fully engaged in reading my books and learning about my journey on writing. They were astonished and gaped at the fact that I am the author! People were just standing, looking at my table for 15-20 minutes at a time. Many people who visited were classmates/friends of my sister!

One of the main highlights was seeing the new State Rep of Massachusetts, Hannah Kane! I gave her a signed copy of my 3rd book to thank her for being the PTO organizer and arranged a space for me to promote literacy at Floral for the past 3 years. Congratulations to her on winning the election! I believe she will excel in her job.

Here’s the photo of Hannah and me:

Hannah Kane and David T. Lee at Floral Literacy Night 2015

Hannah Kane and David T. Lee at Floral Literacy Night 2015

A note from State Representative Hannah Kane

A note from State Representative Hannah Kane

A surprise was when my friend Dalton Moon also arrived at the event and was happy to take a picture with me. Another surprise was when one of the lottery winners the principal picked was literally standing next to us (most people had left already)!

Also, this event publicized my new deal with another author to write a spinoff book based on my series! The book, The Story of Martha Williams, describes the story of Danny’s wife, Martha, and is a collaboration of the author and me (I will be checking the correctness of the facts portrayed in the book, as the author tends to have a wild imagination). The book will be published under the same house (Infomages Publishing) and the date of release is still unknown. The author is Laura Lee (Notice she has the same last name as me (what a coincidence!)).

Oh, and by the way the 4th book is under the editing process! The wait will finally be over!

Here are some photos of the overall event:

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Have a marvelous weekend!


Free Kindle Download of my 2nd Book on Sunday 3/29/2015!

Written By: Books R Fun - Mar• 29•15

Danny and the Trip to Outer Space” (Book 2 of The Adventures of Danny Hoopenbiller: a thrilling tale of a science genius) is free for download this Sunday 3-29-2015.


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