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Winners of the Literacy Night book raffle and FREE books for download this weekend

Written By: Books R Fun - Apr• 05•14


Books”R”Fun had a great demonstration on David’s books yesterday during the Literacy Night. This annual event started at 6:00pm and lasted about 3 hours. It promotes literacy to the elementary students at Floral Street School and local families. Many families stopped by David’s table, watched the book exhibition and asked questions on how David wrote his books.

Literacy Night 2014 (David's book table)

Literacy Night 2014 (David’s book table)

David really wanted to be there to meet his visitors but he was sick and couldn’t participate. Fortunately, his younger sister helped a lot during the event. We distributed stickers, free book download flyers and bookmarks.

Literacy Night 2014 (Book Raffle)

Literacy Night 2014 (Book Raffle)

Literacy Night 2014 (Winners' Books)

Literacy Night 2014 (Winners’ Books)

In addition, we had a raffle to give out 5 signed copies of David’s 3rd book “Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs”. Below please find the 5 winners randomly selected by Mrs. McCubrey (principal of the school):

Andrew Friedman
Jenna Grenier
Olivia Connolly
Eram Zaheer
Addison Cleary

CONGRATULATIONS! Winners will be contacted by the school and the books will be distributed through the school’s administrative office.

Literacy Night 2014 (David's books)

Literacy Night 2014 (David’s books)

Literacy Night 2014 (Free Book Download on

Literacy Night 2014 (Free Book Download on

We want to thank you everyone who visited our table last night. If you haven’t downloaded the free books from Amazon, please follow the link and instruction below.

*Exclusive kindle discount*
My books are free this weekend Friday-Sunday!

Go onto Amazon and search for my Kindle books:

-Danny and the Portal of the World
-Danny and the Trip to Outer Space
-Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs

Note: Make sure the price is free. If not, you probably found the paperback version of my books.

Kindle books can be readable through your Kindle and other electronic devices like the iPad and the PC (with the Kindle application)

Have a great weekend!

Books”R”Fun Admin

I had a fantabulous time at the College of the Holy Cross’s Science Show!

Written By: David T. Lee - Mar• 30•14

Howdy people!

Friday evening, I had a total blast at Worcester’s College of the Holy Cross’s Science Show! When I came in, I couldn’t believe the massive crowd of people that had come to the event. The first activity I visited was in a grandiose auditorium. In that station, people experimented with magnets and tried to create sculptures with them.

I visited the neighboring table, which was much more interesting because it had liquid nitrogen. Next, I visited the room next to the auditorium and came across an experiment where the participants got to create a goop made of glue, borax, water, and food coloring. The mass of people surrounding was so intense that I had to leave and come back later.

Further on, I found an activity where people drew on what appeared to be cut-up plastic spinach containers. The drawings were baked and they shrank to a small, durable picture. I drew a picture of Danny Hoopenbiller, the main character of my published novels, and signed the plastic at the bottom.

Then, I got to do a fun experiment on another table. You poured milk on a plate and added food coloring. Then you grabbed a stick, dipped it into some dishwasher soap, and poked the center of the blob of food coloring. I learned that the fats in the milk reacted with the fats in the soap and caused the coloring to be pushed towards the end of the plate.

Also, I found this cool activity at another table. I had to dip a Q-tip in a box of water and baking soda and draw something on some paper and brush grape juice over it. The baking soda drawing turned up darker than the juice stains on the paper! The person in charge explained that the grape juice chemically reacted with the baking soda, causing it to be darker than the liquid. I was surprised to see my new BFF at the table too!

I lost track of time and by the time I revisited the goop table, it was closing down. I was handed some leftover blue goop in a bag. I walked into the auditorium to see the Mad Science show that was starting.

The show involved some very awesome experiments. In one of them, the scientists ignited methanol in a glass tube and in another, they created a fake hand by mixing some chemicals together in a glove to form polyurethane! Coincidentally, I also saw another BFF sitting nearby! At the end, the scientists mixed up some hydrogen peroxide, potassium iodide, soap, water, and food coloring in a beaker to make a cloud of colored foam!

I had such a wonderful time at the event!

Here are some images:

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Here is a 20 minutes educational movie we created using the video clips recorded during the show (the scientists on the Mad Science program are hilarious): Please watch the movie, children will be inspired to learn more about science.


David :)

I received a letter from the Library of Congress!

Written By: David T. Lee - Feb• 15•14

Hello folks,

I got an acceptance letter from the Library of Congress! The letter was signed by Bridgetta C. Jenkins, Head of the U.S. Monographs Section of the Library of Congress. The letter also came with prints of the Library of Congress catalog records of my books!

I was very excited when the letter arrived at my mailbox.

Here is the letter:

Letter from Library of Congress

Letter from the Library of Congress

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Here are my book’s LCCN Online Catalog permanent links: (Danny and the Portal of the World) (Danny and the Trip to Outer Space) (Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

See you later!


My three books have been added to the Library of Congress!

Written By: David T. Lee - Jan• 11•14


The Adventures of Danny Hoopenbiller book series (volume 1 to 3) is now part of the permanent collection in the Library of Congress (LOC) located in Washington, DC. My books will be available at the Jefferson or Adams Building Reading Rooms.

Here are my book’s LCCN Online Catalog permanent links: (Danny and the Portal of the World) (Danny and the Trip to Outer Space) (Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs)

The Library’s mission is to support the Congress in fulfilling its constitutional duties and to further the progress of knowledge and creativity for the benefit of the American people.

LOC is currently the largest library in the world. It offers 21 reading rooms (open to people ages 16 or older with formal registration). The library is so large, it consists of three buildings: the Thomas Jefferson Building, the John Adams Building and the James Madison Memorial Building. The Library has an extensive amount of educational resources and the public can search its catalog online.

The LOC also provides an education outreach program, which contains databases for teachers and students. The library works with teachers all across the country, supports curriculum goals and creates online lesson plans. It offers classroom materials and professional development to help teachers effectively use primary sources from the Library’s vast digital collections in their teaching.  It also has an online teacher reference desk.

Find Library of Congress lesson plans and more that meet Common Core standards, state content standards and the standards of national organizations here:

This is a link to a fun slide show introducing the LOC:

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

Library of Congress

See you next time!


I held my first public reading of my books at a public library!

Written By: David T. Lee - Jan• 01•14


Yesterday, on December 30th, 2013, I visited my local library from 2:00-4:00 PM to do a reading. It was special because it was not just a participation in an event, but my own event. Also, the library visit was my 10th literacy promotion event and my 1st public reading!

When people started to come in, I actually recognized one of them as a frequent volunteer for an after-school extracurricular Math Club I go to.

I introduced myself to the people which had come, reading from the script I used for my school’s December 2013 Community Meeting (which I posted about).  I talked about when I published my books and told my audience how I wrote, published, and promoted my books. I did crack a few jokes and managed to maintain a happy disposition.

After that, I read the descriptions and the first two chapters in each of my books for about 30 minutes. I was a little nervous when I read because I was afraid that I would goof up and laugh or burp or something like that. I tried my best to not look down and made eye contact with the people sitting in front of me.

I finished the reading portion successfully and moved on to the next thing on my schedule: demonstrate how to draw a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T. Rex). I used a portable whiteboard and a few Expo markers to explain stuff like drawing the dinosaur at an angle and the fact that scientists don’t know what color dinosaurs were. Also, I sort of gave a history lesson on the carcharodontosaurids, which were carnivorous dinosaurs which rivaled or exceeded T. Rex in size.

After that, I did a blog visit. I told the visitors to bring out any device that could log on to the Internet, gave them my name card, and told them to visit the blog link on it so they could have 5 to 10 minutes to explore my website.

Finally, I sat down behind the table and let the wonderful audience take a look at the exhibition I had put up and if they wanted to, buy one of my books. Eventually, I signed 2 copies of my 3rd book Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs and gave them to the visitors, who were delighted.

When everybody had left, I played 2 songs on the baby grand piano while my dad packed up our stuff.

Before and after the event, the director and some of the library’s employees (which I had made friends with) actually stopped by. The event was intended to last 2 hours, but I finished early in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Overall, I had a very great time there. I hope that next year I can do this again!

Thank you Sharon, Ellen, and Dan for providing your support!

Here are some photos:

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event

Library Reading Event



See you later!



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