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David T. Lee (15 year-old of 5 books, published a 4,500-word sci-fi at 7); Laura T. Lee (13 year-old of 2 novels, published a 62,000-word novel at 10)

Loved Robbin Miller’s book “Breaking the Barriers”!

Written By: Laura T. Lee - Oct• 08•18

I just finished reading Breaking the Barriers: A Girl’s Dream to Play Little League with the Boys – and I loved it! First off, your descriptions were amazing – I could imagine myself sitting in the grass in 1974, watching a Little League game with excitement; I had no problem standing in your shoes facing Mr. Mugno, speaking my opinion with confidence. Your words formed a story, a time machine that brought me back to the 1970s so many years ago. The illustrations helped even more, saturating the colors your sentences brought into mind. Reading your book was a fun adventure that kept me hooked from the first page to the last.

As a young female who loves to try new things, your message really stood out to me. Gender inequality is all too real today, and it certainly wasn’t better back then. While I may not have faced such a situation like you had, I understand what it’s like to deal with something like this. Why should being male allow more opportunities than being female? Breaking the Barriers is a call to women, young and old, that gender should not be an obstacle in our lives.

In Breaking the Barriers, you have given a wonderful and inspiring story with a message loud and clear. Thank you for sharing your experiences and giving us hope.

Laura Lee

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  1. Thank you Laura for writing a beautiful review of my chapter kids for children. I am glad that you learned what life was like for girls during the 1970’s as gender inequality was so real in the little league world.

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