Teen authors David & Laura Lee (Inspire us to write)

David T. Lee (15 year-old of 5 books, published a 4,500-word sci-fi at 7); Laura T. Lee (13 year-old of 2 novels, published a 62,000-word novel at 10)

Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors

Written By: David T. Lee - Oct• 16•11

Yesterday, we went to the Rhode Island Festival of Children’s Books and Authors. It was held at Lincoln School on Gano Street. When we got there, we saw several authors signing books in the gymnasium. The place was very big and it contained about a dozen tables.

Next, we walked down two flights of stairs to the Music Center to watch a presentation by the author Gail Carson Levine.

She mainly talked about her books Ella Enchanted and A Tale of Two Castles. She even talked about the Harlem Renaissance! At the beginning of the presentation, she mentioned her dog, Reggie. She introduced a photo of a black and brown dog on a leash. It looked like a cute poodle! I even gave my book to Gail! Her website is at: www.gailcarsonlevine.com.

When the presentation ended, the author went upstairs to sign books. After that, we walked a long way to get to the Middle School Lounge to see a presentation by another author Eileen Christelow.

She shared some very funny books indeed, like the Five Little Monkeys series and The Desperate Dog series. Her websites are: www.Christelow.com and www.fivelittlemonkeys.com.

After Eileen’s presentation, once again, we had to go to the Music Center to watch another presentation, this time, by the author Norton Juster.

When we got there, he was sitting on the stage with his books lined neatly in front of him like a fence. He talked about The Phantom Tollbooth. I actually don’t know what that book was about, but probably it was about a phantom of a tollbooth that haunted people at night.

Then, we walked all the way upstairs to the book sale room, which was exactly the reverse way to go to the Middle School Lounge. We bought Queen of the Falls by Chris Van Allsburg.

It was a true story about a lady that rode over Niagara Falls in a large barrel. At first consideration, I thought the book was about a lady that built a castle on a waterfall.

Soon after we bought the book, we walked back to the Middle School Lounge to see the Chris Van Allsburg presentation.

Surprisingly and amazingly, we were early this time. Only half of the seats were full, so we picked some good seats.

Then, he came!

Dressed in a brown leather suit and tan pants, he walked inside the room.

His name was Chris Van Allsburg. First he talked about how kids talked to him in letters.

For the rest of the presentation, he talked about how he got his ideas for his books.

At the end of the presentation, I gave Chris my book as a gift. Suddenly, the whole audience was cheering at me.

I felt surprised that everyone was clapping out loud when I was just trying to give a gift.

At the end of the festival, Chris Van Allsburg signed my copy of Queen of the Falls.  I was really excited!

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