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A Week of Summer Reading Kickoffs!

Written By: David T. Lee - Jun• 26•19

Hope everyone’s having a great summer so far! I went to Millbury Library and Shrewsbury Public Library to participate in their annual Summer Reading Kickoff events!

At Millbury, we were welcomed warmly by the librarians. Lots of kids stopped by at our table to learn firsthand about our writing journey. I’ve said this a few times before, but watching their faces light up when I talk about writing is an amazing experience. Millbury has all seven of our books in stock; in our short time there, four of them were borrowed! Special thanks to Ann Dallair (Interim Director) and Amanda Leighton (Library Assistant) for helping set up the event!

Shrewsbury’s Summer Reading Kickoff (of which I took part in the Author Showcase) had an unprecedented number of authors this year! From newcomers to familiar faces, over 25 authors and illustrators attended! From self-help books to fantasy epics, nearly every genre was covered at this event. Lots of socializing and namecard trading ensued. We also gave each other lots of advice! Kudos to Priya Rathnam (Assistant Director) and the librarians at Shrewsbury for making this showcase spectacular as always. Also, “Miller Chat” host Robbin Miller filmed bite-size interviews for all the authors in attendance; when those are uploaded online, I’ll let you all know!

Here’s to a productive and exciting summer!


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