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David T. Lee (15 year-old of 5 books, published a 4,500-word sci-fi at 7); Laura T. Lee (13 year-old of 2 novels, published a 62,000-word novel at 10)

Lots of fun playing in CDMMEA’s Junior District Orchestra!

Written By: Laura T. Lee - May• 19•19

This year, I auditioned for and was accepted into the orchestra of CDMMEA’s (Central District Massachusetts Music Educators’ Association) 47th Annual Junior District Festival, placing in the fourth seat of first violin. Looking at the schedule, I remember being a little skeptical of the performance quality, as we only had two rehearsals at Milford HS before the concert. At the first rehearsal, we were introduced to our conductor, Mr. Michael Coelho. Our pieces were Millennium by Richard Meyer, Espana Cani by Pascual Marquina Narro and Albert Wang, and Rites of Tamburo by Robert Smith. From the beginning of the first rehearsal, all of my expectations were surpassed. Mr. Coelho’s highly enthusiastic personality kept the orchestra upbeat and awake, even though each rehearsal was four hours long. Under his guidance, the orchestra quickly became more together. Occasionally, he would add in interpretative notes not written in the music, contributing to the desired atmosphere. This made every minute of the rehearsal a fun, educational experience!

The concert took place at Franklin HS on April 27th. Once again, I was a little concerned that we wouldn’t do well, but by the end of the dress rehearsal I had confidence in our playing. When the time came, we crowded onto the stage (with just a bit less space than I’d be comfortable with) and watched as people flooded into the large auditorium. When the hundreds of families had settled in, we readied ourselves and played our stunning pieces. After every piece, we received lots of applause and cheers. It was one of the best performances I’ve had all year! Overall, I thought everything was really fun, and I’d definitely do it again!


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