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NJWC STEM Conference for Girls was awesome!

Written By: Laura T. Lee - Mar• 25•18

My name is Laura and I’m David’s younger sister. My blog post will be about an event I participated in. Yesterday, multiple STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshops were held at Algonquin Regional High School from 9-12:45pm. These workshops were solely for girls in grades 5-8 and were meant to encourage young women to pursue a career in STEM.

I took part in four workshops on Saturday. The first was led by a pharmacist who showed us how to make a “rash cream” out of ointment and candy. Although we didn’t get to the second part of the workshop (pill sorting/counting Olympics), creating the cream was really fun! Next, I went to a class titled “Science Teacher – DNA Fingerprinting”. Here, we were told a story about a mystery theft and had to work in teams to identify the culprit. To do so, we used sequences of their DNA written on paper to compare to the DNA found at the crime scene. We also used liquid “DNA samples” as a way of comparing. My group was astounded when we guessed completely wrong!

The third workshop I participated in was called “Research Scientist – DNA Extraction”. This workshop wasn’t exactly one of my top choices because I had already done a DNA extraction lab with strawberries in my science class. But as the workshop began, I learned we were doing exactly that – except with spit. Yes, it was disgusting! It was cool, however, to extract DNA from our own spit. Finally, I went to an ophthalmologist workshop. An ophthalmologist is someone who specializes in fixing eyes. The ophthalmologist there told us about a kind of surgery where she cured someone’s cataracts. During this particular kind of surgery, she had to operate tools and pedals with her hands AND her feet! She let us perform “surgeries” on grapes where we had to cut out a piece of skin without harming the flesh as much as possible. She also showed us some objects and tools that allowed us to see some cool things about the eye.

Overall, I think the STEM conference was awesome! I saw a ton of friends and people I knew and learned some pretty amazing things. I’d like to thank the Northboro Junior Woman’s Club for making this wonderful event possible.

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