Teen authors David & Laura Lee (Inspire us to write)

David T. Lee (15 year-old of 5 books, published a 4,500-word sci-fi at 7); Laura T. Lee (13 year-old of 2 novels, published a 62,000-word novel at 10)

Limited time offer to get my books from Barnes and Noble!

Written By: David T. Lee - Mar• 07•18

This Sunday, I attended the Authorstock event at the Barnes and Noble in Millbury! My sister and I both gave talks during the event on our writing journey and read selections from our books. We met many writers at the event! Their writing specialties had a huge diversity, from children’s picture books to adult romance novels. My sister and I had a great time!

After the event, our books were placed on the store’s shelves. If you’re looking for an autographed copy of my first book but haven’t had the time to stop by my events, come to the Barnes and Noble in Millbury! There aren’t that many copies, so take this limited opportunity. My sister’s first novel is on the shelves as well!
















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