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I won two prizes in the state Science Olympiad competition!

Written By: David T. Lee - Mar• 05•17


Yesterday, I spent the day at Assumption College in Worcester to compete in the Massachusetts Science Olympiad! The Science Olympiad competition is separated into different “topic” competitions (like Hovercraft and Dynamic Planet, for example). Upon arrival at the college, I was daunted by the immensity of the sprawling campus. It took me an hour to find my team! Also, the temperature was below freezing point, so it was even harder to navigate towards the different events! My partner, Mahir, and I were supposed to be competing in Bottle Rockets; due to frozen equipment, that event was canceled! I ended up attending the Meteorology (weather science) event. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find another partner in time, so I competed alone. On the other hand, cheat sheets were allowed (they really helped!).

I also participated in the Optics competition. Working with another partner, Rumaisa, we did well on the first section (a test) but scored low on the second section (a challenge where people had to use mirrors to direct a laser to a target). Throughout the day, I also had a lot of down time, where I hung out with my friends.

When the awards ceremony started, I doubted I would be able to win anything (I had entered Science Olympiad quite recently as an alternate, so I didn’t have much time to prepare). However, my partner and I scored a surprise win (3rd place in Optics as an alternate team). I was feeling confident as the Meteorology results were announced. I had done well – I was awarded the 2nd place prize (as an alternate competitor)!

My school, Oak Middle, ranked 8th out of 35 under regular teams and 6th under alternate teams. Although my school didn’t move on to the national competition (Coolidge Middle School won 1st place), we still performed well!

I would like to thank my school’s Science Olympiad leaders, Mrs. Militello and Mrs. Mondello. I would also like to thank my teammates, who helped me with my success at the Science Olympiad!

Enjoy the photos!

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