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“The Letters” successfully depicts the personal struggles of Mother Teresa

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 23•16


Today, I saw “The Letters”, a biographical film about Nobel Peace prize winner Mother Teresa. It talks about how she helped the poor in Calcutta, India and how she made a difference in the world. Lots of emphasis is put on Mother Teresa’s internal conflicts as she tries to break away from her comfortable job as a Loreto nun/teacher to a rough life in the slums. It showed how she felt lonely and abandoned serving the poor but pushed on because she believed it was her God-given mission to help. She gave food, medical supplies and an education to the impoverished. At first, the Hindus she aided believed she was just trying to convert them to Christians, but over time she gained their trust and became a well-known person. The title (“The Letters”) refers to the many letters she wrote to Father Celeste Van Exem describing her ordeals, which were later used to canonize her as a saint. She influenced her former students into joining her and forming the Missionaries of Charity, which became a global aid organization. Mother Teresa never gave herself any credit for her work and instead stated she was just serving God. I found the story very inspiring and would recommend it to anyone interested.




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  1. Thank you David for sharing your view of the video on “The Letters.” A possible good book and movie for young people like yourself to do community services to serve those in need of help and hope.

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