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Video and full script for my Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton skit!

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 12•16


Here is the video recording for my Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton debate skit and the full script. I got my inspiration from watching both candidates on the news and laughing at funny political videos on YouTube.


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump presidential debate
By David T. Lee, 3-8-2016

ANNOUNCER: Welcome to the ESPN- Extremely Short Programs for News Presidential Candidate Debate! Tonight we have Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton (points right) and Republican nominee Donald Trump (points left). This is going to be a very tense debate!
CARSON: Uh, you didn’t say my name.
ANNOUNCER: Sorry, Ben Carson, you are not the Republican nominee.
CARSON: Long time no ZZZ (falls asleep). Wake me up when I’m president.
TRUMP: Chris Christie, roll him out of here and deport him!
CHRISTIE: Yes, sir! (Deports Carson)
ANNOUNCER: Please, settle down! Our debate has started already. First up we have Teddy Cruzevelt from Texas with a question: What are your views about immigration reform?
TRUMP: Make a huuuuge wall. I don’t care if there is a huuuuuge legalized door on it, but we need a wall so huuuge that China’s Great Wall looks like it’s make out of LEGOs.
CLINTON: We need to make America WHOLE. That means we need to give those illegal immigrants a chance to become citizens as long as they have no criminal record.
TRUMP: We need to deport illegal immigrants, or they will take over our country!
CLINTON: But then, if you deport all the undocumented immigrants, you would be bald. The hair on your head is neither natural-born nor documented as a wig. Therefore, it would be classified as an illegal immigrant.
TRUMP: LIAR! HUUUUUGE LIAR! Ask someone to pull my hair-I’ll prove it!
CLINTON: Ever heard of superglue?
ANNOUNCER: Let’s tone down the argument, please. Trump, here’s a question from our Facebook discussion: How will you handle security at the White House?
TRUMP: Easy. Fire the Secret Service and hire Chris Christie. He’ll roll out a HUUUGE security plan. BING BING BONG KABLANG No one can get in if Christie stands at the door. Hey, Hillary, what’s that?
CLINTON: (Hillary takes out phone) It’s my personal mini-server 2.0. It’s 110% secure.
TRUMP: LIAR! Nothing is more than 100% secure, dumbo!
CLINTON: Duck poop, Bill changed the password! Let me call up Apple to decrypt it.
TRUMP: Nice try!
ANNOUNCER: Both candidates, I have another question: how will you help create jobs?
CLINTON: I will raise the minimum wage and make sure women and minorities get equal pay. That way, we have more jobs and more productivity, which leads to a better economy!
TRUMP: HUUUUUGE MISTAKE! Raising minimum wage would REDUCE jobs. I would build a HUUUUUGE wall to stop our companies from outsourcing to Asia. I will make our economy great again. I will make tons of HUUUUGE deals. I even wrote a book about making deals. You should read it, Hillary.
CLINTON: I read your book three times. Chapter 11 summed it all up. It’s about bankruptcy.
CLINTON: This man clearly has more bark than bite. He’s like a feisty poodle: WOOF WOOF WOOF
TRUMP: Quiet. Shhh. Let me talk!
ANNOUNCER: We’ll take a short break while Hillary and Donald finish bickering. This is the Presidential Candidate debate, brought to you by ESPN- Extremely Short Programs for News!


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