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I won the last ELA Challenge in my school!

Written By: David T. Lee - Jun• 16•15

Hey people!

I was one of the winners of May’s ELA Challenge in my school! The ELA Challenge requires students to write a one-page essay/story about one of the school’s monthly Core Values (Responsibility, Respect, Cooperation, Perseverance, and etc.) The topic of the month’s challenge was Tolerance. This is the last ELA Challenge of the school year and my first win!

Check out my winning entry below:

“Treat everyone as if they are the same as you.
Remember that if you don’t keep an open mind,
you have limited yourself.
Keep tolerance as a virtue and you will lift a
burden of discrimination off your shoulders.
Don’t shy away from any good person, whether
they be beautiful or ugly, whether they are white
or black, whether they be same or different-
Tolerance is key to a limitless life.”

ELA Challenge (Core value - Tolerance)

ELA Challenge (Core value – Tolerance)


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