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Jurassic World reflects Spielberg well but not enough to become classic

Written By: David T. Lee - Jun• 15•15

Hello people of Earth!

I watched Jurassic World this weekend, the highly anticipated and record-breaking summer blockbuster! The movie was better than I expected. In the film, scientists create their own dinosaur called the Indominus Rex, which starts going on a massive rampage which the main characters (including a macho raptor trainer, two boys and their aunt) have to stop. The storyline and the acting were excellent and the CGI dominated the film.

The movie, while not being directed by Spielberg himself, is very like a Spielberg movie in terms of choreography. One scene to note is when the younger of two brothers in the film notices the reflection of the Indominus in the windshield of the gyroscopic hamster ball the boys are driving before the dinosaur attacks. I thought it was interesting because it mirrors a scene from the first movie where the main characters notice a puddle rippling just before a T. Rex attacks them.

The music also imitates John William’s classic score for the previous Jurassic installments.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

I’ll be back.


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