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My experience at my first Open Mic Night Event

Written By: David T. Lee - May• 27•13

Howdy everyone!

I attended and participated in this event called Open Mic Night at my school a week ago! I presented chapter eight in my upcoming book “Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs” and my sister also read a chapter from her upcoming first book “Little Swans”!

Popular author April Jones Prince and her son William Prince also participated in the event! There was also a class that presented a topic called “The Best Part of Me”. Surprisingly, a substitute teacher named Ruth shared music and a poem about America.

After the event, a young boy asked me some questions about where to get my books and we were complimented on our performances by Ruth.

Open Mic Night


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  1. April Prince says:

    David, you and Laura should be so proud! You both did a terrific job at Open Mic Night. I’m so glad you had a forum in which to present and celebrate your hard work. Bravo!

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