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I visited The Mark Twain House and Museum

Written By: David T. Lee - May• 26•13

Hi people!

Last Saturday, I went to Hartford, Connecticut to see The Mark Twain House and Museum! I discovered that this home is where Mark Twain wrote his most famous works such as Tom Sawyer and The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. There was a Lego statue of the author in the museum.

I also took a guided tour of Mark Twain’s house and I learned that Mark Twain and his wife Olivia Langdon bought the house in 1874 and their three daughters lived there. I learned a lot about the house and Mark Twain’s life. I saw that Mark Twain’s writing room has a pool table and Mark’s friends (always men) would drink and smoke there. Photography is forbidden inside the house. The museum was very educational even though it wasn’t too interactive!

I would give this museum a rating of 5 stars!

See you next post!


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  1. April Prince says:

    Thanks for the terrific post, David! There is certainly much inspiration for writers at the Twain house! So glad you got to go. Loved the photos, too!

    • David T. Lee says:

      Hey April, thanks for the comment! The museum was very educational and you should go there if you haven’t.

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