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Great News! I published my second book!

Written By: David T. Lee - Aug• 05•12

Hello, I got great news!

I just published my 2nd book, Danny and the Trip to Outer Space!

This is the sequel of my 1st book, Danny and the Portal of the World and it is on sale on CreateSpace and Amazon (Full color paperback and Kindle).

I am so excited!

Here are the links to order my book online:

Click here to order from Createspace (For a limited time, we have a $3.00 off coupon code for Createspace. Please enter the code YZ4TU447 when you order it.)

From Amazon.com:

Watch this preview video of my book:

Here is a short summary of my book:

Danny finds out that a RC plane he received on his birthday is a large spaceship after he spills soda on it and travels into outer space, exploring new worlds in space and discovering a planet mostly made out of food that he brings home with him on the way back to Earth.

See ya guys!


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  1. April Prince says:

    Congratulations, David! What a stellar accomplishment. I hope this means you’ll be back at Literacy Night!

    • David T. Lee says:

      Thanks for your support April!
      I am really excited that I published my 2nd book. I would like to be back for next year’s Literacy Night!

  2. Madison Vadenais says:

    Excellent job David!!

    • David T. Lee says:

      Thanks Madison!
      I also recommend watching the chapter videos of my first book for free by clicking the link below:
      Danny and the Portal of the World

      These recordings are called TTS (Text to Speech) because the videos read the text on the computer, making it a more convenient option to read my book.

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