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President Obama sent me a signed note from the White House!

Written By: David T. Lee - Jul• 14•12

It’s with great happiness and contentment that I share with you this signed note that I received from President Barack Obama. A month ago, I sent President Obama a signed copy of my first book, Danny and the Portal of the World. It means a lot to me to have this note from the President.

Thank you President Obama for your attention and support!

Signed note from President Barack Obama (Click photo to view bigger size)

Signed note from President Barack Obama (Click photo to view bigger size)

Signed book for President Obama (Danny and the Portal of the Worrld, by David T. Lee) (Click photo to view bigger size)

Have a good day!


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One Comment

  1. stephanieerickson says:

    congrats i haven’t read the book yet but it sounds very good if barack obama read it.
    And once again congrats . I hope u keep making more books soo i can read the whole series

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