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Happy Mother’s Day!

Written By: David T. Lee - May• 13•12

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day has a lot of history to it.

The modern Mother’s Day we all celebrate was invented by a lady named Anne Jarvis in 1908. Anne later made it a national holiday with the help of US President Woodrow Wilson. Later, it became highly used in commercials, and because Jarvis thought it was an abuse for the holiday, she led protests against the commercial content about Mother’s Day. In 1948, she was arrested because of her involvement. While in court she said that she regretted making Mother’s Day a national holiday.

In the 1800’s, before Jarvis invented the modern Mother’s Day, several failed attempts were made to make Mother’s Day a national holiday. In 1924, the tradition of giving gifts during Mother’s Day was invented in Leichhardt, Sydney by Mrs. Janet Heyden when she noticed that a lot of moms were lonely and deserted at the time.

Did you know that countries celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates?

The United States, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belgium, Australia, Bulgaria, Greece, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, and Turkey celebrate it on the 2nd Sunday of May. Panama celebrates it on December 8. In Jordan and Lebanon, it is celebrated on March 21st, the first day of spring in the northern hemisphere. In Indonesia, it is celebrated in December 22.

Here is a video that commemorates Mother’s Day:

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