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My Presentation at Literacy Night!

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 08•12

I felt so excited! I was so delighted that I was about to do a demonstration at my school’s Literacy Night for the 1st time! I am a 3rd grader and the author of Danny and the Portal of the world. I completed the manuscript of my 2nd book Danny and the Trip to Outer Space and am currently working on my 3rd book Danny and the Invasion of the Dinosaurs.

I entered the cafeteria and found my table. My main objective was to inspire young children to read and write more often. I looked at my watch and oh no – it was almost showtime! Frantically, I set up the table for the viewers. I helped set up easels, boards, paintings, a life size model of one of the main characters of my books, and much, much more, I was so excited that I was almost ready for the appearance, and oh my gosh – I forgot that my sister also had a presentation and we had to take her to her assigned classroom!

As fast as we could, we took her to her classroom she was performing in. After she performed, we watched a few more short presentations and we walked through the crowd back to my presenting table. It was already twenty minutes after 6:00pm. We hadn’t set up our computer system! There were already several people gathering at our table. So while Dad set up the computers, I treated visitors by allowing them to sign up to my blog subscription list and giving them a quick tour of my display.
Later, after Dad setup the computer, crowds of people at a time were visiting my table. I was surprised as humongous crowds were gathering around like pandemonium and signing up for my blog and looking at my videos of my books, my name cards, my bookmarks, my painting of one of my main characters in my writing and Grandpa Garth and my life-size model of Danny. At this time, things really got exciting for the audience!

Halfway into my demonstration, I left Dad in charge so I could watch a real live professional author’s presentation of how she writes (and publishes) her books in the media center. I knew this author before. Her name was April Jones Prince. After that, I had another hour of fun demonstrating similar topic to a lot of people. I explained how I write and publish my books.

When it was time for our table to pack up, I was tired from the long exhibition I had. I never knew that this many people would come to visit my demonstration. As we left Literacy Night, I hoped that I could present at Literacy Night again next year.

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  1. David, you must be so proud of the wonderful reception you received at Literacy Night! You always present yourself so well, and our whole community can be proud of your accomplishments. Keep up the terrific work!

    • David T. Lee says:

      Thanks for your wonderful comment! I appreciate it very much. I wish you good luck on your books too! I also enjoyed your presentation at Literacy Night! One more thing: Your books are awesome!!!!!

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