Young authors David & Laura T. Lee (inspires others to write)

David T. Lee (14 year-old of 5 books, published a 4,500-word sci-fi at 7); Laura T. Lee (12 year-old of 2 novels, published a 62,000-word novel at 10)

Autistic boy Jagger Lavely singing Let It Go at Oak’s Got Talent

Hello! While autistic Jagger Lavely was singing the song “Let It Go” from “Frozen” at Oak Middle School in Shrewsbury, caring students in the audience sang along to help him finish the performance. An inspiring and heartwarming moment from this year’s Oak’s Got Talent! Here is the video of Jagger performing the song. David:)  

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Sherwood’s Core Values Art Collection had a successful opening reception!

Hello folks! Remember the Core Values Art Collection I posted about? The actual opening reception was on June 2nd, 2015 at Sherwood Middle School! The reception was excellent! The winning student designs (scanned by my dad – Uncle Sam) were displayed on a long sheet of paper plastered over a glass railing. Certificates were given […]

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Sherwood Core Values Art Collection from SHS Art Festival 2015! (Many photos!)

Hello folks! On Thursday, May 7th, I attended the Shrewsbury High School Art Festival! The star of the show was an exciting panel painting project! Sherwood Middle School collaborated with the Artist Guild of Shrewsbury and the National Art Honor Society to make a series of panels based on Sherwood’s core values (Caring, Responsibility, Perseverance, […]

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