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“The Jungle Book” turns a classic tale into a 3-D spectacle

Written By: David T. Lee - Apr• 24•16


Saturday, I watched Disney’s film “The Jungle Book” in an IMAX 3D Dome Theater! The movie was adapted from Rudyard Kipling’s novel “The Jungle Book” and Disney’s previous cartoon of the same name. Splendidly artistic CGI made the animals, ranging from small porcupines to enormous elephants, realistic and expressive. The environment, also created from computer graphics, dazzles with a vivid palette of colors and superb attention to detail. The splendid actors gave each character a unique feel (my favorite were Bill Murray (who portrayed a bouncy, huggable bear) and Christopher Walken (who played a musical orangutan)). The cinematography and music were also well done.


The Jungle Book

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